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Protect Yourself from Spoofed Websites: Always Use

June 17, 2021
Protect Yourself from Spoofed Websites: Always Use

One of the fastest growing scams is fraudulent or "spoof" websites. Fake websites are created by fraudsters to try to get you to enter sensitive information such as your username and password, account number, and Social Security number. Often times they do a very good job of making the website look like legitimate sites that you would normally visit including financial institutions.


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Always access your SPIRE accounts from or the SPIRE Mobile app.

When it comes to safety online, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Verify website URLs. Hover over a link with your cursor or hold your finger down on a link to preview the URL before you visit a site. Make sure the URL is legitimate and isn't misspelled or uses a lot of special characters or numbers.

Never share account information. This includes your Internet banking login, account numbers, Social Security number, and PINs. Do not provide personal information over the phone unless you initiate contact and verify that it is a trusted source.

Regularly review account statements.  Report any suspicious activity immediately.

Freeze Your Credit. A credit freeze limits access to your credit report so no one, including you, can open new accounts until the freeze is lifted. A credit freeze is free and can be temporarily lifted when you need it.

SPIRE Fraud Prevention Tools

SPIRE offers these and many other free security tools.

Account Alerts
Set up real-time alerts for your SPIRE accounts and Visa Debit or Credit card to avoid fraud and easily manage your finances. Set up alerts

Falcon Fraud Protection
SPIRE provides free Falcon fraud monitoring for your accounts.  If there is suspicious activity on your account, you will be notified.

For more information and a list of common scams, visit

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