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KS95 & SPIRE Raise $98,906 for Secondhand Hounds

July 06, 2022
KS95 & SPIRE Raise $98,906 for Secondhand Hounds

Updated as of July 25, 2022.

When KS95 Morning Show host and longtime SPIRE member Crisco lost his loyal companion, Babe the black lab, suddenly in late June, SPIRE teamed up with the radio station and local animal rescue Secondhand Hounds to support dogs in need in Babe's memory.

On Wednesday, June 29, SPIRE committed to matching up to $10,000 in donations to KS95's "Buck$ for Babe" fund. When that amount was surpassed by listeners in just minutes, SPIRE increased the match amount to $15,000. By the next day, that amount had also been surpassed, and SPIRE stepped up to donate another $10,000 in matching donations - bringing the credit union's total donation to $25,000.

On July 1, SPIRE President/CEO Dan Stoltz joined the KS95 Morning Show in studio to announce the amount raised for the campaign in just 48 hours - a total of $94,500! The final campaign donations totaled $98,906.

Funds donated to Buck$ for Babe will support Secondhand Hounds as they head to Kentucky next week to rescue dozens of dogs that will find new homes here in Minnesota.

"It just blew me away," said Rachel Mairose, the founder of Secondhand Hounds. "It never stopped - the donations just kept coming in."

Learn more about Secondhand Hounds and the Buck$ for Babe campaign at

Pets truly improve the lives of those who love them. SPIRE is happy to be able to give back in honor of Crisco and Babe, and everyone who has loved and lost a special pet.

Photo from Left to Right: Dan Stoltz (SPIRE President/CEO), Crisco (KS95 Morning Show Personality), Rachel Mairose (Secondhand Hounds Founder), Dez (KS95 Morning Show Personality) Photo credit: SPIRE Credit Union.

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