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Coverdell Education Savings

A great way for parents to save for their child's education.

Contribute funds and earn tax-free dividends for educational expenses until the child turns 18.

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Start saving for your child's future today.

We believe SPIRE is more than a financial institution. Our Core Purpose is to improve lives and we want to be a partner in life with you and your family.

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Your savings can grow faster than
a traditional taxable savings account.

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No Penalties

Make withdrawals without fees as long as
the funds are used for qualified educational expenses.

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Money Grows Along with Your Child

Contribute funds until the child turns 18.
The child has until age 30 to use the funds and receive the tax exemption.

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Funds may be transferred to other family members
if not used by the beneficiary.


Who can contribute?

Anyone may contribute to a child’s Coverdell account if their modified adjusted gross income meets the IRS guidelines as follows:

$95,000 for single persons, with a phase out up to $110,000
$190,000 for married couples filing jointly, with a phase out up to $220,000

How much can be contributed?
What are qualified educational expenses?

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