Recreational Vehicle Rates

Recreational VehiclesRates Effective: 7/1/2022

APR* Monthly Term Monthly Payments
Recreational Vehicle 2022-20215.00060$18.87
Recreational Vehicle 2022-20215.25072$16.22
Recreational Vehicle 2022-20215.50084$14.37
Recreational Vehicle 2022-2021 ($25k min)6.250120$11.23
Recreational Vehicle 2022-2021 ( $40k min)7.250144$10.42
Recreational Vehicle 2020-20065.50060$19.10
Recreational Vehicle 2020-20066.00084$14.61
Recreational Vehicle 2020-20066.750120$11.48

BoatsRates Effective: 7/1/2022

APR* Monthly Term Monthly Payments
Boat 2022-20214.50060$18.64
Boat 2022-20214.75072$15.99
Boat 2022-2021 ($25k min)6.000120$11.10
Boat 2022-2021 ($40k min)6.150144$9.84
Boat 2022-2021 ($40k min)6.250180$8.57
Boat 2020-20064.50060$18.64
Boat 2020-20064.75072$15.99
Boat 2020-20065.25084$14.25
Boat 2020-20066.000120$11.10

MotorcyclesRates Effective: 7/1/2022

APR* Monthly Term Monthly Payments
Motorcycle 2022-20214.50060$18.64
Motorcycle 2022-20214.75072$15.99
Motorcycle 2022-2021 ($20k min)5.25084$14.25
Motorcycle 2020-20064.50060$18.64
Motorcycle 2020-20064.75072$15.99
Motorcycle 2020-2006 ($20k min)5.25084$14.25

Power SportsRates Effective: 7/1/2022

APR* Monthly Term Monthly Payments
Power Sports 2022-20214.60036$29.79
Power Sports 2022-20215.10060$18.92
Power Sports 2022-20215.60072$16.38
Power Sports 2022-2021 ($25k min)6.10084$14.66
Power Sports 2020-20064.60036$29.79
Power Sports 2020-20065.10060$18.92
Power Sports 2020-20065.60072$16.38

*APR= Annual Percentage Rate.
Monthly payments based on $1,000 borrowed.
Rates and terms are subject to qualification. Other restrictions may apply. Interest rates subject to change at any time.
See Associate for details.

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