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SPIRE Member Brendan Weed Awarded FSC Scholarship

May 23, 2019
SPIRE Member Brendan Weed Awarded FSC Scholarship

SPIRE Credit Union is proud to announce that Brendan Weed of Eden Prairie, MN has won a $1,000 Scholarship from the Minnesota Credit Union Foundation Scholarship Council (FSC). A total of $12,000 was awarded to ten members from Minnesota-based credit unions in both Traditional and Non-Traditional categories. SPIRE Credit Union has been a long-time supporter of the FSC Scholarship program.

Over 800 students from credit unions throughout the state applied for scholarships. Applicants were selected based on their essays submitted to the FSC. This year’s essay question was: “Community service is an integral part of credit unions. Share an experience when you contributed time in the community.” 

Weed chose to reflect on a time he volunteered to work at the PROP Shop in Eden Prairie, a resale store and nonprofit serving the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis, for his entry. “On a cold Saturday morning in January, 
I arrived at the PROP Shop to assist in delivering furniture to impoverished families in the community,” said Weed, “Every delivery was unique. My attitude needed to stay positive not only for the families, but I also needed to persevere for my co-volunteers to complete the deliveries. [What I learned is the families] choose to stay positive and not dwell on misfortunes. The volunteer work I had done did not reinforce boundaries, but rather bridged individuals.” 

SPIRE Eden Prairie Branch Manager Holly Schmidt said, “We are so proud of Brendan’s accomplishments, and for receiving a Foundation Scholarship Council Award! We wish him all the best for success in his future endeavors.”

Pictured above: Holly Schmidt, SPIRE Eden Prairie Branch Manager; Brendan Weed, FSC Scholarship recipient; and Brandon Bierbrauer, SPIRE Eden Prairie Assistant Branch Manager

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