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SPIRE Wins Six National Marketing Awards

June 27, 2023
SPIRE Wins Six National Marketing Awards

SPIRE Credit Union was recently honored with six MAC awards from the Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC). MAC has been recognizing outstanding marketing achievements within the credit union industry since 1986. SPIRE received MAC awards in the following categories: Broadcast Radio Commercial, Community Engagement, Comprehensive Campaign, Financial Education, Logos, and Outdoor. SPIRE has received 30 MAC awards to date since 2017.

Broadcast Radio Commercial (Silver) – Crisco

Since 2015, SPIRE has been a partner of the St. Paul based radio station, KSTP-FM (KS95). Longtime SPIRE member and KS95 Radio host, Crisco, recorded twelve unique commercials with SPIRE President/CEO Dan Stoltz. These commercials air on a regular basis and promote SPIRE’s multitude of products and services while highlighting both personalities. 

Community Engagement (Bronze) – Buck$ for Babe

In June 2022, our friend Crisco, SPIRE member and KS95 Radio host, lost his loyal companion, Babe the black lab. In an effort to honor Babe and do good in the community, SPIRE teamed up with KS95 and local animal rescue, Secondhand Hounds, to create the “Buck$ for Babe” fund. SPIRE initially committed to matching $10,000, which was exceeded in minutes. To maximize support, an additional $15,000 was added, bringing total donations from SPIRE to $25,000. In just a few days, this campaign raised $98,906 to support rescue animals. 

photo of Dan Stotlz, Crisco, Rachel and Dez accepting

Comprehensive Campaign (Bronze) – Tony Oliva

SPIRE partnered with Tony Oliva – Minnesota baseball legend, National Baseball Hall of Famer, and SPIRE member. During Oliva’s fifteen-year Major League Baseball career, he won three American League batting titles and the 1964 Rookie of the Year Award. Since this partnership originated in 2022, Oliva has been featured in many of SPIRE’s marketing materials. This includes commercials, billboards, digital advertisements, and events. 

photo of Tony Oliva and Dan Stoltz

Financial Education (Gold) – Twin Cities Live

Since 2020, SPIRE has partnered with KSTP-TV and Twin Cities Live (TCL) to bring financial education on air. In 2022, each month, SPIRE President/CEO Dan Stoltz brought his upbeat energy and wealth of financial knowledge to the TCL show. The segments were four-to-six-minutes filled with relatable content, retainable acronyms, and realistic financial advice – live on air to thousands of viewers. To view these episodes, visit the SPIRE YouTube channel.

Logos (Gold) – SPIRE Sparky Show

SPIRE became the title sponsor of the SPIRE Sparky Show in April of 2022, a staple attraction that showcases Como Zoo’s seals and sea lions, originally launched in 1956. With this new partnership, SPIRE designed a new logo in-house that combines the SPIRE brand with Como’s beloved sea lion figures. Variations of this logo were created for different marketing materials, including promotional products, trainer uniforms, digital signage, and various branding elements around Como Harbor. 

SPIRE Sparky Show logo

Outdoor (Bronze) – Grandstand

As a longtime partner of the 3M Open, an official PGA Tour stop located at TPC Twin Cities in Blaine, Minnesota, SPIRE was loud and proud on the new Grandstand primely located on the 18th green. The SPIRE Grandstand is open to the public, accessible, and seats up to 200 people. The Grandstand was open to fans every day of the tournament week and displayed many branding elements, including large signage on the front, back, and sides of the stands, branded tabletops and countertops, floor graphics, and clings on the back of each seat. 

photo of SPIRE grandstand at 3M Open

“We are so proud and humbled to receive this recognition from MAC,” stated Dan Stoltz, SPIRE President/CEO, “These awards validate the efforts from our staff, who strive to show up every day ready to improve the lives of our members and communities.” 

Image Descriptions

Cover Photo: SPIRE Marketing Team (L-R) Brian Thomas May, Zachary Schultz, Stephanie Johnson, Casey Carlson, Taylor Kilgore, Lisa Lehman, and Maria Daley. Photo credit: SPIRE Credit Union.

Bucks for Babe: (L-R) Dan Stoltz (SPIRE President/CEO), Crisco (KS95 Morning Show Personality), Rachel Mairose (Secondhand Hounds Founder), Dez (KS95 Morning Show Personality). Photo credit: SPIRE Credit Union.

Tony Oliva: (L-R) Tony Oliva and SPIRE President/CEO Dan Stoltz. Photo credit: Bella Sollé Photography.

Grandstand: SPIRE Grandstand at 3M Open. Photo credit: SPIRE Credit Union.

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