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SPIRE Forms Diversity & Inclusion Council

June 19, 2020
SPIRE Forms Diversity & Inclusion Council

After several months of planning, SPIRE Credit Union, Minnesota’s third largest credit union, has announced the formation of its inaugural Diversity & Inclusion Council.

Made up of seven SPIRE staff members representing various departments and branches, the council will provide a voice for SPIRE’s growing staff and a resource for the SPIRE senior leadership team. Initial goals of the council will be to advance diversity and inclusion within the organization by reviewing internal and external communications, onboarding and recruitment practices, and providing recommendations on improving the systemic culture and organization. 

“I am honored to be part of this council,” said Sr. Business Systems Analyst Bishop Ofei, “I hope I am able to do my part to advance the conversation on opportunities for all regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ability, and age.”

“As a council, I would love to bring positive impacts, creativity, and innovation,” stated SPIRE Financial Service Officer Nili Verma, “The values in experience with multiple perspectives would inspire novel thinking, connecting thoughts in new ways, and directly help boost the cultural heritage of SPIRE — facilitating an inclusive work culture leading to sense of belonging, acceptance, better performance of employees, and above all, a very happy place to work.”

“We are excited to collaborate with this council,” stated SPIRE Sr. Vice President/Chief Operating Officer Justin Burleson, “The inaugural committee members have the opportunity to set the foundation, structure, and future path of SPIRE’s Diversity and Inclusion Council.  This is a critical council that will be able to provide recommendations for continued organizational enhancements to the key decision making bodies of SPIRE.”

The SPIRE Diversity & Inclusion Council will meet formally on a quarterly basis starting in June with members holding a one-year term.

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