SPIRE partners with Pine Technical & Community College and Ogilvie Raceway on Scholarships

Jun 07, 2018

This winter, SPIRE Credit Union partnered with Ogilvie Raceway to help provide Workforce Development scholarships to four Minnesota high school students. After receiving a state grant, Pine Technical & Community College approached SPIRE to help maximize the funds they received to provide as many scholarships as possible.
SPIRE joined its partner Ogilvie Raceway in contributing to the Workforce Development scholarships for students going into the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, and information technology.  Four students received a $3,500 scholarship – the cost of one year’s tuition at Pine Technical & Community College.
SPIRE is pleased to congratulate the following students in receiving a $3,500 Workforce Development scholarship from Pine Technical & Community College:

Jesse Wills

Jesse Wills, Milaca High School
Also Pictured: Wally Wagamon (Ogilvie Raceway) and Laurie Leciejewski (SPIRE)

Ann Marie Oberg
Ann Marie Oberg, Mora High School
Also Pictured: Wally Wagamon (Ogilvie Raceway), Sara Engblom (SPIRE), & Joe Mulford (Pine Tech)

Logan Koffler
Logan Koffler, Pine City High School
Also pictured: Wally Wagamon (Ogilvie Raceway), Stacy Hancock (SPIRE)

Elisabeth Johnson
Elisabeth Johnson, Johnson Home School, Pine City
Also pictured: Joe Mulford (Pine Tech)

Pine Technical & Community College offered a total of 14 Workforce Development scholarships with the help of several regional business and industry partners.