Business Fee Schedule

  Classic Preferred Premium Basic Non-Profit
Minimum Balance $0 $1,500 $5,000 $0
Monthly Minimum Balance Fee $0 $15* $20* $0
Debits & Credits Per Item First 200 Free2 First 200 Free2 First 200 Free2 First 200 Free2
Overdraft (Non-Sufficient Funds) $33/each $33/each $33/each $33/each
Monthly Service Fee1 $10 $10 $10 $10
Stop Payment $33/each $33/each $33/each $33/each
Inactive Checking Account Fee3 $7.50/month $7.50/month $7.50/month $7.50/month
Personalized Checks See price list at any office. N/A N/A N/A

1 eStatements and Visa Debit Card required to avoid $10 monthly service fee.
2 First 200 debits and credits are free, $0.40 for each additional item per statement cycle. 
3 Fee assessed on the balances below $250 if inactive greater than 365 days.
* If falls below $2,000 minimum daily balance

Visa® Debit Card
Monthly/Annual Fee $0
Card Replacement Fee (per card) $10
International Currency Conversion 1% of total transaction
ACCESS (Telephone) & Internet Banking
Share Savings Account
Minimum Balance Fee (if below minimum daily balance) $0
Inactive Share Savings Account Fee5

5Fee assessed after 730 days if balance is less than $250 and no additional SPIRE products. The monthly fee will be waived if member maintains a minimum balance of $250, or has any additional shares or loans under the same account number, including SPIRE VISA Credit cards.

Money Market Savings Account
Minimum Balance Fee (if below $2,500 minimum balance) $10/month
Budget Savings
Withdrawals Fee 1 free per quarter, $7.50 thereafter
Regulation D
First Violation Warning letter sent
Second Violation $20
Third Violation Account will be closed

In compliance with Federal Banking Regulation D, telephone and automated savings withdrawals are limited. During any calendar month, you may not make more than six (6) withdrawals or transfers to another SPIRE account  of  yours  or  to  a  third  party  by  means  of  a  preauthorized  or  automatic  transfer,  telephonic  order  or  instruction.  Automated  methods  include  Overdraft  Protection  transfers  to  checking  accounts  and  automatic withdrawals made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) or preauthorized draft withdrawals (e.g., bill payment, insurance premiums). If you exceed this transaction limit, fees will be charged as noted above for violations that take place within a twelve (12) month rolling calendar period.

Cashiers Check
$3 each  
Notary Service
Free to Members  
Cash and Coin Orders (subject to availability)
Free to Members  
Wire Transfer
Outgoing $25/each
Incoming $15/each
Incoming International $15/each
International $60/each
Statement Copy
Per Statement Period $5/each
Per Check $5/each
Check Deposits without Tape Total
Account Research and Reconciliation
Items Presented for Collection
ACH Rejection Fee
$10 per item  
Non-Sufficient Funds
Overdraft or Non-sufficient Funds $33/each (Max 4/day)
Returned Mail
Account Reactivation Fee6

6The Account Reactivation Fee will be charged to reactivate an account within 6-months of the account closing date.

Business BillPay
Enrollment Fee $0
Monthly Subscriber Fee $5
Bill Payment Transaction $.50/each
Extended Remittance Item $.50/each
Non-Sufficient Funds $22/each
Overnight Delivery $17.50/each
Stop and Reissue $17.50/each
Automated Teller Machines (ATM)
Per Deposit $0
Per Withdrawal Charge at SPIRE Machines $0
Per Withdrawal Charge at Other Machines $2.50
Per Withdrawal Charge at International Machines 1% of total transaction
Card Replacement fee $10
Returned Deposit Item
Canadian Check Deposits
Flat fee $20  
Coin Counters
Members Free
Guest Members 5% service fee

SPIRE offers online bill payment through CheckFree. The above fees are charged by CheckFree for use of the bill payment service. Any financial fees associated with your SPIRE checking account are separate and will continue to apply.

Some fees waived for account relationship. SPIRE reserves the right to amend this Service Fee Schedule and fees at anytime.

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