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Manage Your SPIRE Mortgage

Thank you for choosing SPIRE for your home loan!

Our Minnesota-based SPIRE team is here for you to answer your mortgage loan questions. We will continue to be with you at every turn of the mortgage process.
Whether you have general questions about refinancing your current property, buying a new one, or need help once your loan closes, we are here for you.

How can I submit my loan payment?
What is PMI and why am I paying for it?
How do I request a rate re-lock for my Adjustable Rate Mortgage?
What's required to complete a Subordination Agreement?
How do I update my insurance information?
Homeowner's Insurance Claim Process

Annual Escrow Analysis

Every June we perform an audit of the escrow receipts to see whether your monthly payment is adequate to pay for taxes and insurance. Increases and decreases in your tax and insurance bills may cause your monthly mortgage amount to change effective August 1 of each year.

How do I read my Escrow Analysis Statement?
Why did my mortgage payment go up?
Why do I have a shortage?
What should I do if I have a shortage?
I paid my shortage, why does my payment still change?
What happens if I have a surplus?
Do I need to update my automatic payment amount prior to August 1?

Contact the SPIRE Real Estate Service Center

Whether you have questions about your payment, need to update your insurance, or would like a payoff or satisfaction, we are here to help! Please complete the form below and a member of our team will get back to you. | 888.34.SPIRE
Fax: 651.215.3457

If you are contacting us on behalf of an organization.
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Please upload any supporting documentation. **Authorization forms are required for satisfactions and payoffs in order to process your request.
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