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Make a bigger impact with NetGiver.

NetGiver is a donation platform that allows SPIRE members to give to charitable causes with zero fees to you and the organizations you support.

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Donate with NetGiver

Download the NetGiver app on Apple App Store          Download the NetGiver app on Google Play

Donate with NetGiver using your Internet Browser or download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Then, enter your SPIRE Digital Banking credentials to access your accounts and start making your impact.

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100% Impact

No fees to you or the organizations you support. 
Typically, when you make a donation online,
a percentage is taken out for operating and processing costs.
In some cases, up to 8% of your donation.

With NetGiver, 100% of your donation goes to support your cause.
Zero fees to you. Zero fees to the organizations you support. 

NetGiver FAQs

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Give Freely

When you link NetGiver to your SPIRE account,
you can give at any time, from any place, to any 501(c)(3) organization.

Once it's set up, you don't have to know your
account or card information - it's ready to donate when you are.

Register Your 501(c)(3)

NetGiver is a donation app that allows givers to give freely, fully, and easily to your cause.
Zero fees to your organization.
Zero fees to your supporters.

Register Your Organization

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NetGiver works with SPIRE Digital Banking platform to provide a safe experience for our members. NetGiver takes every precaution to keep your information secure and encourage you to read NetGiver’s privacy philosophy for more information.

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