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SPIRE Proud Partner of the Winter Carnival Ice Palace

December 21, 2017
SPIRE Proud Partner of the Winter Carnival Ice Palace

SPIRE President & CEO Dan Stoltz led a press conference with St. Paul Winter Carnival officials on Thursday announcing an ice palace will be built for the 2018 Winter Carnival.

The structure will feature six ice spires representing each of the members of the Winter Carnival Royal Family.  The palace will be part of an ice sculpture gallery in Rice Park starting the last weekend in January through February 10, 2018.

This announcement “shows us all what happens when people with great ideas and a dedicated spirit work together,” said Dan Stoltz, President/CEO of SPIRE Credit Union and Chairman of the ICE Board of Governors.  “A great deal of work, energy, enthusiasm, and support came together to help us bring this back to life in a way that really works."

Dan Stoltz announces Ice Palace

To help raise funds for the palace, the 500-pound ice blocks can be purchased with a commemorative certificate at

SPIRE is a proud partner in building the 2018 Saint Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace.

View the full press conference >

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